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New technology for aesthetic treatments

For 15 years, DERMEO, at the forefront of innovation, has become the first French manufacturer of intense pulsed light devices issued with a medical certification. It also possesses the latest technological advances which produce the best results. At the forefront of an evolutionary innovation, DERMEO has both technical and clinical expertise.

GA Advanced Technology offers a comprehensive range of aesthetic equipment to provide today's clinic owner with cutting-edge solutions to consistently deliver proven results.

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Sales Arguments DERMEO provides its users with relevant marketing material, such as a list with unique selling points and a list containing frequently asked questions with appropriate answers, which can be used when interacting with patients that are interested in treatments by DERMEO’s devices. 
Training The training program is supported by 2 volumes of training manuals. One is theoretically and technically oriented, whereas the other volume focuses on the practical and commercial aspects. 
Marketing & Sales Legal Media exposure DERMEO’s products and treatments receive a strong national exposure in online and offline media. Clinical & Legal To provide better information to patients and better protection to practitioners, models of quote / informed consent / medical history forms, which have been validated and approved by doctors and lawyers, are available for the users. 
French Product The high quality of DERMEO’s production tools complies with the French manufacturing protocols and enables total transparency and traceability from the designer to the patient. DERMEO only selects the best components from French or European origin. The manufacturing steps are validated by us and by inspectors who check the conformity of the devices on the manufacturing line compared to the files. The strategy of innovation and quality coupled with excellent knowledge of international regulations has allowed DERMEO to expand on all five continents. 
Evolutionary Technology DERMEO is in constant development and recruits only the best engineers in mechanics, electronics, energy conversion, computer software development, optics and composite materials, who enabled DERMEO to be awarded several patents. 
Quality DERMEO provides you with the knowledge of an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified expert. Compliance with these international and medical organizational standards isa guarantee of quality for both our customers and our suppliers. DERMEO has a medical devices vigilance cell which is registered by ANSM. Medical research Clinical research investments are made in partnership with groups of specialist doctors to assess the performance, security, and innocuousness of the devices that are on the market. 
Evolutionary Technology DERMEO medical devices with pulsed light are the first French medical CE class IIb marked devices in accordance with applicable regulations. This level of regulation requires the intervention of a body authorized by the European Commission to audit the quality of DERMEO products and services. 
Markings and International Healthcare Approvals DERMEO has received the CE mark and ANSM approval and numerous ministries of health around the world, including the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for the United States and the Ministry of Health Canada which proves the effectiveness and safety of DERMEO medical devices.
Concerned about how to attract clients? Graham Anthony offers a DERMEO sales training guide in list form covering the most frequently asked questions by your clients, helping you to become quickly established in after sales service.